cabinet and cupboard lock

Cabinet Locks

Cabinet Locks


Cowdroy Showcase lock 24 hour locksmith brisbane

Cowdroy Showcase lock

Cowdroy Showcase Lock DN287

Suits Glass Showcase Doors.

Fixes from the Rear.

Through Track Mounting.

Bolt Shoots through Track.


cowdroy showcase cabinet lock

cowdroy showcase lock reversible

Cowdroy Showcase Lock Reversible DN288

Suits Sliding Glass Showcase Doors.

Reversible Body.

Top Track Mounting.

Bolt Shoots through Secondary Door.


lock focus sliding glass door cabinet lock

lock focus sliding glass cabinet lock

Lock Focus Sliding Glass Door Lock DN289

Sliding Glass Cabinet Lock.

Fits to the Extruded Aluminium Bottom Rail.

Keyless Push Button Locking.

Specify Right or Left Hand Lock.


evergood desk draw lock

Evergood Desk Lock DN290

Suitable for Roll Top desks.

38mm Square Base.

22mm Nozzle Length.

Butterfly Bolt.


union draw lock

Union Draw Lock DN291

40mm Square Body Length.

Rear Fixing.


rabbit push lock Locksmith Brisbane

Rabbit Push Lock

 Rabbit Push Lock DN292

Suitable for Cupboards and Drawers.

10mm Bolt Projection.

Hole Centres 35mm.


lock focus cam lock
Lock Focus Cam Lock Brisbane

Lock Focus Cam Lock DN334

Large Selection of Cam locks Available.

Different Size and Shape Cams Available.

Suitable for a wide range of applications.


lockwood cupboard lock projection style

Lockwood Projection Cupboard Locks

Lockwood Projection Cupboard Locks DN295

6 Lever Cabinet Lock.

Suitable for Drawer Lock applications.

Zinc Plated Pressed Steel Housing.

6.5mm Brass Bolt Projection.

Available in short (6.5mm) Projection, Long (22mm)Projection.


lockwood cupboard lock pin tumbler

Lockwood Cupboard Locks

Lockwood Cupboard Locks DN298

Quality 4 Pin Key Operated Cupboard Locks.

Available in Latching or Deadbolt function.



jackson cupboard lock

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN302

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN302


cupboard lock jacksons

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN303

 Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN303

jacksons cupboard lock

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN304

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN304

jacksons cupboard lock

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN305

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN305

jacksons cupboard lock brass

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN306

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN306

cupboard lock jacksons brass

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN307

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN307

brass cupboard lock jacksons

Jacksons Cupboard Lock

Jacksons Cupboard Lock DN308

jacksons sliding cupboard lock Locksmith Brisbane

Jacksons Sliding Cupboard Lock

Jacksons Sliding Cupboard Lock DN309

jacksons box lock

Jacksons Box Lock

Jacksons Box Lock DN310