Brisbane Locksmith quality L Handle lock in box

Awesome Garage Door Lock

Well, not just for garage doors.

This is one garage door lock our Brisbane locksmith has dubbed “Awesome” for many reasons and one is that it will fit a wide range of applications. It can replace just about any T Handle or L Handle lock easily, applications include garage doors, meter boxes, electrical cabinets, storage cabinets, utility rooms, RV’s, camper-vans, trailers, machine doors and so much more. Our locksmith in Brisbane is always finding so many more awesome uses for these L Handle locks.

Brisbane Locksmith quality L Handle lock in box

Ok, I admit, it looks like just any other lock. Not very awesome right?

I could tell you they are easily reversible by just loosening a screw and setting the handing position. So you dont have to buy either a left or right hand lock and that they can be set to be used as either a 90 degree turn or a 180 degree turn very simply.

Locksmith Brisbane guide for rehanding L handle lock

Locksmith in Brisbane L Handle lock rear view

Still not awesome enough? ok…

The cylinder used in these locks is one of the most awesome aspects. This cylinder can be changed to suit the keys to a large range of house and unit keys available in Australia. What our Brisbane locksmith finds most awesome about this aspect is that he can make all locks on peoples homes suit the one key. That’s right, 1 key for your doors, screens, deadlocks, and garage and switchboard. Even window locks and letterbox locks can be on the one key.

L handle Lock and key from Locksmith Brisbane

It that is not awesome enough, the locking cylinder in this lock can be changed to suit most popular restricted key systems. A new cylinder can even be installed for high security locks such as bilock, medeco and abloy systems. Ask our Brisbane locksmith for more information on making all keys in your home work on the same key.

If having one key for all your locks in you home is still not awesome enough then consider why upgrading and replacing your old T or L handle locks might be worth while.

L Handle Locksmith Brisbane Lock with key


It should be very awesome news if you have an old tilt-a-door garage door or just about any other type of similar handle. This garage door lock come standard with a 6 pin Lockwood compatible key and cylinder. Compared to the standard tilt-a-door locks these things are like a rock. They are tough to pick, the brass cylinder makes forcing the cylinder not an option. They potentially have 10,000,000 possible key combinations. The key and lock is not going to wear, allowing other keys to open the lock. They are made much more solid and robust then most other T and L handles on the Australian market. That’s pretty awesome right?

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