3D Printed Safe

Worlds first high security, key changeable 3D printed safe.

safe lock and key 3d printed

3d printed safe lock and key

It is made in all plastic, no metal at all. Why all plastic I hear you ask? Well it is made for sensitive areas such as mining, explosives and areas sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. As it uses no metal parts, it will not create a spark or ignition source around flammable materials. It has many different uses around sensitive electronic equipment and areas of high radiation.

As the safe is not magnetic in any way, detection from metal detectors and other standard detection devices will not work on this safe. This can be of use when the QLD police come to steal your business records without a warrant 🙂 Hidden in a wall or even buried, it would be very hard to detect a fully plastic safe.

Being plastic, this safe is obviously not designed as a high security safe for keeping millions of dollars. The safe is designed to show evidence of any break in attempt. If the safe has been compromised or attacked, there will be evidence of the attack. As the lock is not pickable, the only way to break into the safe is by destructive means.

The safe body is constructed in one piece. The one piece construction makes for a totally sealed safe with no seams to leak or be exploited. The plastic used is highly corrosive resistant to acids and almost all chemicals.

The safe uses a 7 lever and 7 disc

3d Printed safe vault key lock all plastic 24 hour locksmith Brisbane

3d Printed Safe

high security safe lock. The safe lock is also 3D printed. To 3D print the lock, many modifications were done to ensure a strong usable design. The key is made thicker to make it stronger then a thinner metal key. The design of the lock is based on a Ratner key changeable vault lock. This type of lock was used over 100 years ago in high security safes and vaults. A Ratner safe lock of this design was even used to protect the Queens’ crown Jewels.

The lock is a key changeable design. In fact the combination of the lock is reset every time the safe is unlocked. In the unlocked position a new key can be inserted to set the combination of the lock. As a new key can be set so easily, it makes this lock design perfect for many applications where only one person at a time can have access to the safe. If a person locks the safe, no one else with a different key can unlock the safe. Another person with a different key can lock the safe when the door is open. The safe can also be made to operate with just one key combination and duplicates of that key can be made. Another key can be used to lock out the main safe keys from use. There are many different ways the key and lock system can be used.

The yellow on the lid of the safe was an attempt to add colour to the 24 hour locksmiths logo embossed on the front of the lid. Because of the plastics’ transparent nature and the light yellow colour, this did not turn out as planned. Future safes will not use this colour process.

The safe body can easily be changed to any shape of size required. Because it is 3D printed, it can be made to fit into oddly shaped recesses, furniture, or any other object you can think of.