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Locksmith trade

A locksmith is a very rewarding trade to be in. As a locksmith we help people out of in a lot of situations that they have with locks and keys. Locksmiths also do much more then just unlock doors and remove broken keys. The job of a locksmith is continually changing with technology and the market place.

A locksmith can easily specialise in just one particular field or the locksmithing trade. It is common for a locksmith to mostly do just one type of job! Some locksmiths spend their days keying up cylinders in a workshop. Cylinders need to be keyed up or put together to suit a wide variety of locks such as poker machines, commercial buildings, city councils, hospitals and many more types of locking situations. Locks are keyed to suit standard key locks or high security locking systems.

Some locksmiths work for just one employer such as Australia Post or the Railways or perhaps a university. These locksmiths usually perform the same types of jobs and dont do work for retail customers.

A locksmith can specialise in automotive locks and keys.

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Cutting keys to cars is a highly technical job these days. Not only are the keys mostly a high security type of key but they also contain a transponder and electronic component that has to be programmed to suit the car. An automotive locksmith generally just works with car keys and locks. They are a specialist locksmith and need to keep skilled at their trade.

Access Control is another job a locksmith can specialise in.

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Locksmiths are well suited to take advantage of the access control industry. A locksmith is a specialist in physical security and can install electronic locks and door strikes to be secure. A locksmith knows when a lock is not secure and when there is a vulnerability in a lock that could be exploited. Knowing the vulnerability allows the locksmith to better secure an access control system.

A 24 hour locksmith works on a wide variety of locks and is more suited to helping people out of trouble.

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They are the locksmith you call when you have locked yourself out of your home or office and need to get back in. They also do emergency repairs when you have been broken into by a burglar and need to get the door and lock repaired. A 24 hour locksmith is a specialist at picking locks and changing locks in a hurry.

A locksmith can also be a safe specialist.

Locksmith vault door

Safe Door

Safes need a specialist locksmith who knows how to service a save or vault and who know everything about the workings of safes. A locksmith can do various jobs on safes such as moving heavy safes, opening a locked safe, and installing or removing a vault. Repairing safes is also a large part of the locksmiths’ job and resetting the combination of the safe when it has been lost.

Many locksmiths in small towns are all round locksmiths.

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They need to be able to do all aspects of locksmith work. They can do a variety of automotive work, commercial work and access control jobs. Being able to be an all round locksmith is well suited to smaller populations, not able to support a specialist locksmith.