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We are getting a lot of calls for service work from many places in Australia.  At the moment we are just a Brisbane Locksmith.  We only service the people of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  We would love to be able to help people in other places with our services, but unfortunately the country is too big for us to help all people.  Maybe one day we can open in more locations 😉

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Well if you dont know much about Brisbane, you really should come and visit and see for yourself to see our beautiful city.  Brisbane is a very spread out city and you could say that it is just about joined to the Gold Coast to the south, Ipswich to the West and Moreton Bay to the East.  The city centre is located around the Brisbane River which snakes around the city on the Northern side and Kangaroo Point Cliffs on the South.

Living in Brisbane is easy and relaxed.  Most people still live in 3 or 4 bedroom houses with a back yard.  Although there is a big push for more dense accommodation in the form of units and high rise apartments.  There are many traditional Queenslander style homes still in the city of Brisbane with are typically high set with a verandah out the front and high ceilings allowing the breeze to circulate throughout the home.

Being a Brisbane locksmith is still a good job as it is easy to drive in Brisbane even in peak hour times.  There is a network of tunnels, which act as express ways from key points in the city.  The major tunnel is a bypass from the city which goes under the Brisbane River.  There is also an extensive path network for bikes and walking people to avoid the traffic altogether.

Locksmiths in Brisbane perform all types of work on locks and doors. We specialise in emergency services.  We can unlock your door if you have locked the keys inside or change locks in any situation.  It a burglar has broken into your house or attempted to break in call us to repair the locks or have them changed fast.

Brisbane has a very mild winter and is sub tropical.  Our summers are fairly long but not too hot as we are located close to the ocean and always get a beautiful sea breeze.  We have mostly sunny days with only a moderate number of rainy days.  A lot of our rain comes from Summer storms which also help to cool down the city. Just a reminder to always be ready for storm season and take care to have phone numbers of emergency services available.  As a Brisbane locksmith we do get a number of calls relating to storms.  From power outages and garage doors not operating to doors being blown shut in extreme winds.

As a Brisbane locksmith traveling around the city is always a pleasure.  There is always something new to see or a great new coffee shop to drop into.  The city is always changing but not quickly.  It is still a lovely relaxed place to live.