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Commercial and Residential Locksmith Brisbane 24 Hours

When you need a locksmith you can trust call 24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane. We only send qualified tradesman locksmiths who are highly trained in all aspects of locksmithing and security. Our locksmiths are also qualified and licensed security consultants and can advise you on your security needs.  Whether it is an emergency or lock maintenance we have a local Brisbane locksmith who can fulfill your needs fast and professionally.

Locked out of your home or office?

Door opened lock unlocked Brisbane. 24 Hour locksmithIf you have locked the keys inside your house, car or office then you will know that it never happens at an appropriate time.  It usually happens when we are busy doing other things such as moving house or getting the kids out the door to school.

Luckily we offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith Brisbane service to help out in emergency situations.  Our Brisbane locksmiths are very well trained and able to open locks without doing damage to your door or lock.  The majority of locks we can open in a very short period of time.  If you have a high security lock, they can take a bit longer, but there are very few locks we cannot pick open. We can open almost any locked door without causing damage to the lock or door.  Other locksmith standard practice is to drill out your locks to unlock a door.  Call a trade qualified locksmith with true lock picking skills.

We treat lock-out situations as very urgent and will prioritize your job above less urgent work.  A normal response time for us to get to you in a locked out situation is 20 minutes, depending on how many people we have locked out at that time. (Yes, we do often get multiple people locking themselves out at the same time.)

Changing Locks

Lock Pinning KitIf your keys have been lost or stolen or if you have moved into a new house, or shop it is a good idea to get the locks changed by 24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane.  Changing locks ensures all the keys that previously worked, will no longer open the door.  There are often situations where you need to lock somebody out.  Changing the locks will ensure their key will no longer work in the lock and they will not be able to reenter the property.

Often when changing locks it is only necessary to repin the existing locks in order to stop old keys from working.  When the lock has been repined, only the new key will work.  Repinning is a lot like changing the combination of the lock to suit a new key.

Our locksmiths carry a range of replacement locks and lock cylinders as well.  New locks and cylinders are used when the old lock has been broken or is worn out.  Some replacement cylinders are used when it is more cost effective to replace the cylinder then it is to repin the lock.

All Locks to work with the one key

change locks to one key. master keyed locks. locks cylindersThere are few things worse than having a large number of keys on a key ring and having to try each one to open each door in a house.  It is so much simpler to have just one key to open all the locks in your home or business.

If all your locks are of the same brand it is usually quite simple to alter the lock barrels to make them all work with the one key.  If there are different brands of locks it is still usually not too complicated to change them to the one key.  We stock a range of replacement lock barrels and cylinders that are specifically designed to accept a type of key that can be used throughout a home.

The types of locks in a home we can change to the one key include deadlocks, knob sets, lever handle locks, security doors, garage doors, padlocks, sliding doors and many more. 24 Hour Locksmith Brisbane is always available to help with your lock and key requirements.

High Security locks

cyber keyMost people do not want their locks to be easily picked open.  High security locks offer protection from picking, lock bumping and key duplication.  Lock bumping is a well known technique that can open many common locks with very little knowledge or skill.  Lock picking can require more skill.  There are many sites on the internet and even lock picking groups in Brisbane training people to pick locks.  Lock picking most regular locks in Brisbane can be learned quite quickly.

restricted lock cylinder and keyInstalling a high security lock to your business or home door can upgrade your security and give peace of mind that you will be safe from many types of break and enter techniques.  The risk with most off the shelf locks and even locksmith installed locks can be great.  It may only be luck that your doors have not been compromised by easy lock bumping or lock picking.

Our Brisbane locksmith can help you decide what level of security locks and restricted key system is right for you.   Our restricted key systems go well beyond the standard security level of other locksmith installed systems.  Contact us before you decide on a high security lock and key system for your door.  It may save you more then you think!

Installing locks

Do you need a new lock installed?  We have a locksmith in Brisbane ready to help you with any lock installation.  Weather it is a deadlock for a house, unit door lock, extra lock on a shop or a padlock fitted to a gate.   Our locksmith carries a range of locks for almost every house or business in Brisbane.  If we do not have the lock in stock, we can order it fast and have your security problems fixed at the earliest possible time.  We carry a range of Lockwood, Gainsborough, Master and other major brand locks.  We also stock those hard to find locks for windows, cupboards and utility cabinets.  Fitting new locks can make your home or business much more secure and give you peace of mind when you leave. 

We install locks for insurance companies as well.  If you need a specific level of security, we can advise you on the locks you require.  Weather it is a house, business or high traffic venue, do not leave lock installation to the ill informed.  Call a tradesman locksmith today.

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